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India is best positioned to be the beneficiary of the world’s ‘China plus One’ strategy. The reasons why India is an attractive market for the world have been discussed and known to all for a while. However, much like the uniqueness and diversity in its culture, the challenges in India are also unique. While a lot has been done over the years by successive governments to liberalise the regulatory regime to make it more business-friendly, it is far from the desired ideal. Even today, investing in India is one thing but successfully operating in India is another.

In this discussion, we try and gather a first-hand account from businesses that have boldly entered the Indian market. We will also explore and understand measures that foreign businesses can adopt to navigate the Indian business landscape more effectively. One thing is for sure, the Indian opportunity is huge, but foreign businesses from developed markets have to customize their approach for Indian conditions. Patience, persistence and adaptability are key to operating and hopefully succeeding in the Indian market.


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